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The Perspective Matters Podcast

To be motivated and inspired is great; to motivate and inspire is spectacular! Each Week join Shakira Moore, a story teller, as she shares anecdotes, poems and proverbs that will inform, inspire and encourage you to think differently and live boldly while on your personal development journey. If you want a mental and spiritual pick …

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Scams, Swindles, and Schemes

A comedic friendship web show thingy where Onicia and Devin look at internet culture stuff, everyday problems, and ideas that may be more pervasive than you thought. Then we determine if something is a Scam, a Swindle, or a Scheme!

Garifuna Sistas Talk Spirituality

Co-hosts (and sisters) Feroza and Kyleigh Simone break down Garifuna spirituality with featured guests—elders, leaders and Garifuna spirituality practitioners. This is for folk who grew up outside of a Garifuna community, for folk living in Garifuna communities but still have questions about their spirituality, for folk searching for answers and trying to understand themselves as …

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