3 Strategies Podcasters Can Use to Increase Visibility

3 Ways Podcasters can Increase Visibility

A recent Caribbean Podcast Directory Survey revealed that over 80% of our podcasters are interested in building awareness for their podcasts. This post outlines 3 strategies that podcasters can use to increase their visibility.

  1. Guest appearance on another podcast
  2. Contribute or partner with another platform
  3. Have a website

Guest Appearance on another podcast

One of the main strategies to increase your visibility is to secure guest interviews on other podcasts. A guest appearance on another podcast puts you in front of podcast listeners who haven’t discovered you or your show yet. However as with everything, there’s best practices on how to go about requesting guest interview spots on a podcast. It involves research, a clear pitch, follow through and persistence. In a future blog post, I will outline how to pitch yourself as a podcast guest.

Contribute or Partner

Depending on the type of podcast or brand you have, contributing or partnering with another podcaster or platform can take many forms. It can include contributing an article on a platform or partnering with a brand to host/co-host events or other online activities. What I’m talking about here is not a relationship with an advertiser. It’s more along the lines of a collaboration.
Here are a couple examples:

  1. Contribute to a blog. If you’re a podcaster why write? Well, it’s one of the longest and most effective ways to build your online blueprint. As I’ll mention below, contributing to a blog helps with SEO. What to write about? Well what is your expertise or what is your podcast about? For instance: If your podcast is about entrepreneurship – find blogs that you can pitch an article to. Likewise for marketing, music commentary, basically any topic your podcast is about there’s probably a blog that aligns with it.
  2. IG Live Takeovers are very popular. Finding a brand that is comparable in size to your platform and their audience overlaps with yours is worth exploring.
Oh Hell No Podcast

A Website

A website is an often overlooked asset by podcasters, however a dedicated website is highly recommended and important in the reaching a wider audience. To be clear I’m not referring to the website that your hosting company provides.

See examples from Buzzsprout, Libsyn, etc.

While these sites are good start if you are just starting out – if you want to reach a wider audience you will need a dedicated domain and website. By having a dedicated podcast website, you increase the chances of people finding your show, provide your audience with more content outside the podcast, and promote products, services and more to your listeners. Through the website you’re also able to have people opt-in to an email list. See examples: Nice-ish by Tingz Nice; Oh Hell No Podcast

Yes, people will mostly find your podcast via podcast apps and yes, the website provided by your hosting provider is also helpful. However there’s one major advantage a dedicated website has over these and it’s SEO – Search Engine Optimization. SEO is helpful when anyone uses Google to search for your podcast, a topic you’ve covered on the podcast or search for a guest that has appeared on your show.

Your Turn

Let me know which strategies you have tried or interested in trying?

Have you tried pitching yourself as a podcast guest? What questions or concerns do you have? What worked or hasn’t worked for you?


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