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About the Hosts – Nikki & Amlak RedSquare

Nikki and Amlak RedSquare, are the Jamaican hosts of the Music & Marriage Podcast.

In addition to being podcast hosts, Nickeeta is an entrepreneur, owning her own reusable shopping tote company and Amlak RedSquare is a reggae artist.

Whose idea was it to start the podcast?

Nikki, of course!

Why did you decide to get started in podcasting?

Nikki: I decided to create the podcast because we were at a pivotal point in our marriage where we were considering separation. So I suggested therapy but wasn’t able to find one suitable for us in Jamaica. So I thought to myself, that we know us best and what we want, so why not do it ourselves. One day we turned our camera on, put it on the tripod and that’s how it was created. Two years later, we are here still. Working on us and helping other couples during the process.

As a couple, how do you juggle running a podcast and all your life activities outside of the podcast?

Nikki: It’s difficult at times but I have an extremely supportive husband who isn’t afraid to help out wherever I need him or whenever I need him.  So having his support helps me balance family and business, while he’s able to focus on his career as well. Also, we make schedules and stick to them.

What’s your love story? How did you two meet?

Nikki: We grew up as neighbors in the Dunkirk/Red Square community in the late 80’s-90’s, until I migrated to Bronx, NY in 94’. Fast forward to 2001 he saw one of my cousins at a soccer match in the Bronx, they linked up a couple of days after the event. He came over to see the family and we saw each other and it’s been ‘togetherness’ since August 2001.

About the Show

On the Music & Marriage Podcast Nickeeta and Amlak RedSquare discuss anything involving the downfalls, evolution, and rebuilding of black families, love, communication.

Nikki: We discuss different topics weekly.  One week we might discuss life insurance and its importance, the next week generational wealth, the next side chicks, miscarriages. Our topics vary so every episode is something to learn and reason about.

The show was launched in January 2020 and new episodes are available every Wednesday. See their directory profile for more details of where to listen.

Why did you choose this name?

Nikki: I chose the name because I wanted it to be about marriages mostly, young black Caribbean Love, however, the only way I could get him comfortable is to discuss music as well.

Why did you choose this topic(s) & format?

We choose our topics to provoke certain conversations that are unspoken among our community and people. We choose topics that are taboo or uncomfortable for our culture/race.

Your show is titled “Music & Marriage Podcast”, share 1 way music has influenced your marriage.

Amlak RedSquare: As an artist, you have times when there is separation for long periods during the summer months. These moments allow us time to reconnect with ourselves as individuals but also help to remind us how much we enjoy each others’ company.

Share 1 personal insight and 1 general insight you’ve gained since starting the podcast.

General insight would be how to behave in a marriage and what is expected from your spouse.

A personal insight would be on a communication level with my spouse. Being able to speak how we feel about things without fear of the other closing down.

Now that you’ve launched your show, what are you hoping to accomplish?

TV, Radio…. anything is possible.

Podcast Experience

What’s one tip you learned before you started podcasting that was really helpful?

Nikki: Be as honest as possible with your audience.

Amlak RedSquare: Proper equipment is needed for desired quality.

What’s one thing you wish you knew before starting your podcast?

Nikki: [How to be] better at promotion. Promotion is very important to any brand.

Amlak RedSquare: The time it takes to produce.

What’s one thing you’ve learned about yourself or your audience since you started?

Nikki: That I’m not as perfect as I thought, lol. I say things sometimes and they can be misunderstood until explained.

Amlak RedSquare: That I wasn’t a good communicator.

What/Who has inspired you the most to start a podcast?

Nikki: Honestly I didn’t really listen to podcasts before starting one but since then I love and respect the vibes that the Ellis family brings. Kadeen Ellis is a “mentor” somewhat in my mind as far as podcasting and entrepreneurship go. She’s dope.

Amlak RedSquare: My wife.

What’s the first podcast you ever listened to?

Nikki: Dead Ass Podcast, Joe Budden Podcast

Amlak RedSquare: InfoWars

Other than your show, what are some of your favorite podcasts?

Nikki: Dead Ass Podcast, Angela Yee Lip Service, Joe Budden Podcast, those are my top three, among others.

Amlak RedSquare: Joe Budden Podcast, The Fix

What do you enjoy most about podcasting?

Nikki: I can be myself and I can help couples/families, to make a difference with my words and actions.

Amlak RedSquare: The conversations

What do enjoy least about podcasting?

Nikki: Getting ready/dressed, lol. I love everything else.

Amlak RedSquare: The setting up

What advice would you give to other aspiring podcasters of Caribbean heritage whether in the region, diaspora or generally?

No time like now, do it.

What advice would you give to other couples considering a podcast together?

I would encourage everyone to try the method we did. Record and Reason. It’s always better working with someone you love.

What are you looking forward to/hope to see in the podcasting space in general or Caribbean Podcasts specifically?

Nikki: I hope to see a bigger platform to accommodate us Caribbean podcasters.

Fun Questions

What is the 1 thing from your Caribbean culture that you cannot do without?

Nikki: The music….the fooddddd

Amlak RedSquare: The energy of the people.

For each team member which Reggae Song best represents their personality?

Nikki: Peter Tosh- Stepping Razor 

Amlak RedSquare: Dennis Brown- Sitting And Watching

Share a fun fact about you as a couple or as an individual.

We love to dine at different cultural restaurants. (Italian is one of our faves.)


Where do you see yourself in the next 3-6 months?

Nikki: With a Radio or TV show.

Amlak RedSquare: Successfully carrying our work to the next level.

Where can the listeners find you?

All podcast streaming platforms: Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, iHeart Radio, Spotify, AnchorFM etc.

Music and Marriage Podcast- Instagram

Nickeeta- Instagram

Amlak RedSquare- Instagram, Twitter, Facebook


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