Caribbean Podcast Directory: The Start of Something Great

Caribbean Podcast Directory

The last 12 months have yielded tremendous growth in the number of podcasts by Caribbean creators, targeting both Caribbean and general audiences. The frequency of Caribbean podcasts popping up on my radar mirrors a recent Nielsen report which notes that

“…An increasing amount of African-Americans in particular niches including the Caribbean are increasing their consumption of podcasts” 


Last year, I first curated a select list of long running podcasts as well as promising Caribbean shows on the Breadfruit Media website and called it the Caribbean Podcast Directory. A year later, the directory is now a standalone asset for a few reasons:

  1. Growth. The number of new Caribbean shows launching continues to grow and this platform is built to handle further expansion.
  2. Discoverability. This is an ongoing challenge in the industry as a whole. So leveraging power of our niche – Brand Caribbean; The directory will serve as a central place for potential listeners to find shows.
  3. Community. The directory allows #CaribbeanPodcasters to find and connect with each other to build meaningful relationships with the potential to collaborate and cross promote. 
Wall with together we create, the start of something great

If you’re of Caribbean Heritage and are already part of the community, we may not have discovered your show when the list was first put together. The directory was created to solve that issue. Going forward, we’d encourage Caribbean Podcasters to self submit their shows to join the directory. Check out the submission details to get a better understanding of the reason behind the approach. 

Whether you’re a new show or a long running show, the Directory is the hub where the audience can discover new shows. And Caribbean Podcasters can share and collaborate to amplify their voices and shows.


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