About The Directory

Caribbean Podcast Directory (CPD) was created so that audiences can discover podcasters of Caribbean Heritage; and podcasters of Caribbean Heritage are represented in the podcast industry.

The mission of the Caribbean Podcast Directory is to provide Awareness, Community and Education. We will do this by:

  1. Awareness: The website is a hub to provide visibility and help audiences discover podcasts.
  2. Community: Build a thriving community with people of Caribbean Heritage in audio who collaborate to amplify our voices and podcasts. 
  3. Education: Provide the information, resources and knowledge they need to start and grow their podcasts. 

CPD is powered by Breadfruit Media, both founded in 2018 by Kerry-Ann Reid-Brown who is also the creator of #CaribbeanPodcast and the host of one of the first podcasts dedicated to the Caribbean American Experience – Carry On Friends The Caribbean American Podcast.

What Podcasters Are Saying!

As a French Caribbean podcaster, it was only natural for me to have an English version in order to reach a bigger Caribbean audience. However, I didn't know exactly how. The Caribbean Podcast Directory was the perfect place to start. The tips truly guided me to understand podcasting in an English-speaking environment. In 2021, I stepped out of my comfort zone and accomplished more in one year than in the first two previous years since the launch of my French podcast.
Maëlla Kancel
Host, Karukerament
There's something special about talking to, and learning from people who share common cultural experiences. At this point some of my best pod-friends are people I've never met in person but the bond is real. The networking goes beyond the mic and has led to other useful collaborations. Podcasting can be a lonely craft, but there are people here to help you learn, grow, and keep the vibe high. If you're a Caribbean podcaster out there, come join the fete on Caribbean Podcast Directory.
Dalan Vanterpool
Host, Careers & Cashflow

About the founder

Kerry-Ann Reid-Brown is the founder of Caribbean Podcast Directory. She is the Jamaican born host of Carry On Friends The Caribbean American podcast which started in 2015. Carry On Friends is one of the first podcasts dedicated to the Caribbean American experience. 

When Kerry-Ann isn’t recording episodes of Carry On Friends; or building a community here at Caribbean Podcast Directory, she’s producing podcasts over at Breadfruit Media.