International Podcast Day Caribbean Panel 2020

International Day Caribbean Panel From Patois to Kreyol the power of podcasting in the Caribbean Community for Caribbean Podcasts on Caribbean Podcast Directory

What is the International Podcast Day Caribbean Panel?

International Podcast Day is an annual day of celebration of the power of podcasts on September 30th. In the past 2 years there has been an explosion of Caribbean Podcasts and Podcasters in the region and diaspora. These podcasts create general content or content Caribbean specific.

As we continue to grow in the space – either creating or consuming content – Caribbean Podcast Directory partnered with International Podcast Day organizers Dave Lee and Steve Lee to present a Caribbean Panel. This year’s panel titled – From Patois to Kreyol: The Power of Podcasting in the Caribbean Community.

International Podcast Day Caribbean Panel 2020 for Caribbean Podcasts and Caribbean Podcast Directory

About the Caribbean Panel

From Patois to Kreyol: The Power of Podcasting in the Caribbean Community, features five Caribbean Podcasters represent different countries. They are:

Dalan Vanterpool: Host of Careers & Cashflow, representing the British Virgin Islands but currently in Panama.

Soraya Louis: Host of Ti Chéz Ba, representing Haiti.

Kadia Francis: Host of Digital Jamaica, representing of course Jamaica 🙂

Dhano Mc Nicol: Host of We Are Crayons, representing Trinidad & Tobago.

The panel was moderated by me, Kerry-Ann – a Jamaican in New York with a North American Caribbean Diaspora viewpoint. I am the creator of Carry On Friends, one of the first and longest running Caribbean focused podcast. I am also the founder of the Caribbean Podcast Directory – the Caribbean’s first podcast directory.

Caribbean Panel Video Replay


In this session, you’ll hear us discuss:

  • The impact of podcasting our respective countries/community;
  • The challenges and opportunities that podcasting presents.
  • Growing our audience and monetization

About Caribbean Podcast Directory

Founded in 2018, the Caribbean Podcast Directory was created so that audiences can discover podcasters of Caribbean Heritage; and podcasters of Caribbean Heritage are represented in the podcast industry. Read About the Directory and The Start of Something Great.

About International Podcast Day

In 2014, the inaugural National Podcast Day event and celebration was held in the United States. In 2015 it was expanded and rebranded International Podcast Day. For over 5 years, International Podcast day is celebrated annually on September 30th.


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