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About the Hosts – Kerry, Sophia, Meisha, and Shar

We are all from Jamaica (three Kingstonians and one from the parish of St. Thomas). Currently, Kerry, Sophia, and Shar live in New Jersey, while Meisha is in Texas.

In addition to being podcast hosts, Kerry is in Housing and Social Services, Sophia is in Mathematics Education, Meisha is in Human Resources and Shar is in Academia.

Why did you decide to get started in podcasting?

We have such great discussions in our group chat that we wanted to memorialize them, so we could refer back to them in the years to come.

How does the team manage the partnership of being co-hosts? What systems do you have in place?

It’s an ebb and flow. Aligning tasks with interests, available resources (time etc.), extending grace and consistently showing up – especially on hard days. 

Regarding systems, we try to automate processes as much as possible (eg. a social media plan, rotating topic list, repository of audio clips, and other content).

About the Show

On Relationship Passa Passa Podcast, Kerry, Sophia, Meisha, and Shar share their perspectives on relationships, society, and Caribbean culture. New episodes are available every other Wednesday. See their directory profile for more details of where to listen.

Why did you choose this name?

We wanted something that combined our culture with our essence. Passa Passa is a slang in Jamaica that means “to talk or converse”. It worked. Plus, Shar hated Relationship Burrito (LOL).

Why did you choose this topic(s) & format?

It was the thing we naturally discussed the most and wanted to share with others.

How did you decide to become co-hosts? 

We just forced everyone in the group chat to co-host (LOL)!

What are you hoping to accomplish by continuing to publish your podcast?

We hope people see themselves in us, to normalize the coexisting of diverse ideas, normalize the experience of a range of emotions, we hope that someone listening to us feels they have the freedom to just “be” as they are. And if nothing else, we hope they have a good laugh and forget their worries for 45 minutes!

If someone were to listen to your podcast for the first time, which episode would you recommend?

It’s an ebb and flow. Aligning tasks with interests, available resources (time etc.), extending grace and consistently showing up – especially on hard days.

Hosts of Relationship Passa Passa on working together.

Podcast Experience

What’s one tip you learned before you started podcasting that was really helpful?

Kerry: Planning and preparing are key!  Spend the time to create systems and processes (that you later automate); this includes episode lists, outlines with prompting questions, mapping the processes that detail how to go from idea to publication.

Sophia: Sometimes in life, you have to lose before you can win.

Meisha: That you don’t have to know everything before you take the leap. It’s good to do the research and be prepared, but there is also a thing called being over-prepared.

Shar: Let go (a little) and be natural. Don’t get caught up worrying about what others will think about what you’ve said … just represent yourself. Also, I think the willingness to go the extra mile is always good when working on passion projects.

What’s one thing you wish you knew before starting your podcast? Or one resource you wish you had before launching?

Kerry: The true time commitment and how best to balance the new tasks with competing priorities.

Sophia: Not to sweat the small things. 

Meisha: That you have to set true goals individually and decide where the goals converge. 

Shar: Nothing really; I just bring the best of myself to podcasting for my friends. That’s all I can do.

What’s one thing you’ve learned about yourself or your audience since you started?

Kerry: About myself – How much I enjoy sharing this dedicated time with my sisters. I’ve learned how much I need space for this. About the audience – people want to connect and it doesn’t take “perfect” production to make this connection. 

Sophia: About myself – It is okay to feel vulnerable.

Meisha: Having these conversations bridge connections that I never knew could exist. Also, the time we spend recording has become more necessary to my wellbeing. 

Shar: Myself – it is ok not to be your best in all situations. The audience – we have some true supporters in life that are there for us in whatever we do … love unnu bad.

What/Who has inspired you the most to start a podcast?

Kerry: Dreaming about sitting on the couch with Oprah (or Michelle Obama) talking about this fun adventure we’re on.

Sophia: Meisha. In fact, it was not an option.

Meisha: Yendi [Phillips] or YouTubers like her. They’re not internationally famous but they’ve managed to positively influence people just by having conversations.

Shar: Meisha. I love podcasts and have grown so much from them, but never would have started one without Meisha doing the initial steps. Love Kerry’s dream …yaaaas!!!

What’s the first podcast you ever listened to?

Kerry: This American Life.

Sophia: Honestly, I was not a podcast person until Meisha started talking about it.

Meisha: Therapy for Black Girls? I don’t remember

Shar: Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, Ask Me Another, The Breakfast Club, Invisibilia.

Other than your show what are some of your favorite podcasts?

Kerry: The Daily, Myleik Teele, Vox The Weeds and Africa Daily.

Sophia: I am not truly committed to any other podcast at this time.

Meisha: The Daily, Crime Junkie, Snapped, Where Should We Begin, Dear Sugars, Purple Panties, How’s Work, No Bullshi!t Leadership, HR Chat

Shar: Wait Wait Don’t Tell me, The Moth Stories, The Daily, Breakfast Club, This American Life, Africa Daily, Family Secrets

What do you enjoy most about podcasting?

Kerry: Sharing some amazing discussions with new friends.

Sophia: Spending time with my girls.  At the end of each session, I’m always cramping from all the laughter.

Meisha: Gaining new insight.

Shar: Time to sit down away from my to-do list and just vibe with friends. I’ve learned a lot about the ladies and there is always laughter.

What do enjoy least about podcasting?

Kerry: Balancing life with podcasting.

Sophia: Balancing my time and organizing my schedule.

Meisha: The expectation. Having to market and get the info out there.

Shar: Perhaps the expectation of needing to do well or count metrics.

What’s one advice that you would give to aspiring podcasters?

Kerry: Don’t do it alone and stop trying to make it perfect- just start!

Sophia: If you want to do it, just do it.  It does not need to be perfect and you do not need to be perfect either.

Meisha: Decide why you want to podcast then go for it. As Maya Angelou said, “That’s what you want to do? Then nothing beats a trial but a failure. Give it everything you’ve got. I’ve told you many times, ‘Can’t do is like Don’t Care.’ Neither of them have a home.”

Shar: What Kerry said – just do it! And definitely don’t go alone. Wouldn’t be here without these ladies.

Fun Questions

What is the 1 thing from your Caribbean culture that you cannot do without?

Kerry: Brown stew oxtail

Sophia: Ackee and Saltfish.

Meisha: Food. I could list everything but there’s not enough room… so I’ll just say food.

Shar: Food … from sugar cane, mango, sweet sop, jackfruit, breadfruit, to porridge and soup, rice and peas, fritters, ackee. C’mon, glorraaay!!

Share a fun fact about the team

75% of the team has been telling Meish we’re all moving to Texas … for the last 5 years or so. We also don’t know how to boom-flick (see the end of S3 E7, LOL)


Where do you see yourself in the next 3-6 months?

Kerry: Creating something new on a beach, soaking up some sun with a great book.

Sophia: Changing diapers :).

Meisha: Trying to navigate another COVID wave.

Shar: Freezing in foreign winter … every year I complain. Perhaps I can tag along with K, lol.

Where can the listeners find you?

Relationship Passa Passa – Website | Facebook | Email | Instagram | YouTube


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