Directory Submission Details

In the Caribbean Podcast Directory there are 2 categories of shows: new shows which are less than 6 months and shows older than 6 months.

Shows 6 months & Older

To be added to the directory you must fit these 2 criteria:

1. Be of Caribbean heritage. if the show has multiple hosts, at least one should be of Caribbean heritage. This means born in a Caribbean country or have parents, grandparents who were  born in the region. 
Caribbean Heritage Defined:
  1. Countries that English, French, Spanish or Dutch and are part of the Greater Caribbean located in the Caribbean Sea; or are located in the Atlantic/North Atlantic Ocean.
  2. A Country that is a CARICOM State.
  3. Panama – Panamanians who can trace their heritage to the Caribbean through the building of the Panama Canal.
  4. Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua are considered if podcaster is of Garifuna Heritage. 
No we won’t ask for your birth records but dishonesty is not a good policy. 
2. Have at least 1 new episode available every month for the past 6 months except for shows produced in seasons. 
If you meet these criteria, then go ahead and submit your podcast to the directory.

Shows less than 6 months

For shows that are 6 months or less - you are not left out!

Even though you haven’t made the 6th month mark YET, we want everyone to know that you’ve launched so you can be supported. Which is why, we will have the monthly series “New Shows to Watch”. It will feature a brief summary of select new shows.  
  • If your show is less than 6 months old go ahead and complete the new shows to feature form. 
  • When you are at the 6 month mark and meet the criteria for the podcast directory, your show will be added. 

Directory Maintenance

  • The directory will be updated at least once per month at a max of twice per month.
  • Updates will include adding shows that meet the criteria – including those that have graduated from the new shows status as well as shows recently discovered.
What if a show already in the directory stops releasing episodes consistently?
  • Good question. You won’t be immediately banished to podcasting wasteland. This is where the power of community comes in because it is an opportunity to check in with the show creator. Life happens and there could be many reasons why a host and show is on a break. For instance, in the summer of 2017 I took 2 months off because I was grieving the loss of my grandparents. I told my audience I was taking the break and spoke about the break when I got back in the episode – New Season, The Power in a Pause & Regrouping.
  • CPD will reach out to check in, but creators can also reach out. The best approach is to see how support and accountability can get given.
What if I’m a new show and I’m challenged to remain consistent?
  • The same applies. Let CPD know what you’re challenged with and let’s see what can be done to support you on the journey.
Whether you’re a new show or a long running show there’s a place for you at Caribbean Podcast Directory.

Submit Your Podcast

Shows 6 months or older

Use this form if your show has at least 1 new episode available every month for the past 6 months except for shows produced in seasons.

For more information see submission details.

New Podcasts Only

Shows less than 6 months old

Use this form if your show is less than 6 months old and has at least 1 new episode every month since it launched. 

For more information see submission details.

Make A Change

Want to request an update of the information listed about your show in the directory? Complete the Podcast Change Form