January 2021 – New to the Caribbean Podcast Directory

January 2021 Caribbean Podcast Directory Update

Every month the Caribbean Podcast Directory is updated and this article highlights all the recent additions. Here are the newest additions:

A Writer’s Journey

a writers journey

Caribbean Heritage: Cuba

A Writer’s Journey by Maya Rodriguez is a podcast that contains essays and poems. (Show added to Arts category.)

Circuits for Change

circuits for change

Caribbean Heritage: Barbados

Based in Barbados, Circuits for Change podcast introduces various advancements in technologies and discusses their applications in an attempt to apply them to Barbados. (Show added to Technology category.)

Good Up Podcast

Caribbean Heritage: U.S. Virgin Islands

Co-hosted by Deidre Ritter and Jeaiza Quinones Ivory Good Up Podcast features on their quick-witted and laid back chronicle of the shenanigans of real life. They connect with guests through new and shared experiences by tackling taboo topics from relationships and sex to race, culture, and deeply personal life experiences. (Show added to Society & Culture category.)

K is 4 Knowledge

Caribbean Heritage: Trinidad & Tobago

K is 4 Knowledge is a platform for black business owners and entrepreneurs from the Caribbean, U.S.A , Africa and around the world. (Show added to Business category.)

Maya’s Collections of Love Stories and More

collection of love stories

Caribbean Heritage: Cuba

Maya’s Collection of Love Stories and More talks about all types of love for family, a partner etc. (Show added to Society & Culture category.)

Maya’s Upcycling as both Art & Function


Caribbean Heritage: Cuba

Maya’s Upcycling as both Art and Function is a podcast about upcycling about how to re-use items we already have and make use of them. (Show added to Arts category.)

The Real Stuff Podcast

Caribbean Heritage: Jamaica

Hosted by Flavius and Franco, the Real Stuff Podcast is all about the Caribbean People, Culture, Heritage, Music, Sports and everything that is the Caribbean. (Show added to Music category.)

Unfiltered with BLT

Unfiltered Limin w/ BLT Podcast

Caribbean Heritage: Dominica, Guadeloupe, Haiti, Trinidad & Tobago

Unfiltered Limin’ w/BLT is for all of the first generation West Indians that are still trying to figure it out. Journey with us through our jovial experiences of being the first assimilated generation in the United States. (Show added to Comedy category.)



Caribbean Heritage: Trinidad & Tobago

Hosted by Rebecca Walcott, Visionaries dives into the stories behind the most successful disruptors, change-makers, activists, influencers, entrepreneurs – you name it! (Show added to Education category.)

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