September 2020 – New to the Caribbean Podcast Directory

Caribbean Podcast Directory September Directory Updates

Every month the Caribbean Podcast Directory is updated and this article highlights all the recent additions. Here are the newest additions:

Chat Bout Films

chat bout film

Caribbean Heritage: Jamaica

The hosts of Chat Bout Film offer commentary on TV & Films from a Jamaican perspective. (Show added to TV & Film category.)

Nasanta’s Reel

nasanta's reel

Caribbean Heritage: Jamaica

Nasanta’s Reel is where Shakira Ferron chronicles her experiences and how she navigates through life as a Jamaican Christian. (Show added to Society & Culture category.)

Parked Convos

parked convos

Caribbean Heritage: Haiti

On Parked Convos, hosts Faracesca and Paula explore topics such as family, culture, health and everything in between with some Haitian personality to be thrown in.  (Show added to Society & Culture category.)



Caribbean Heritage: Trinidad & Tobago

Alandra Mitchell is the host of RxRounds, a forum that provides valuable information about healthcare, pharmaceuticals and public health concerns directly affecting the Caribbean community.  (Show added to Health & Fitness category.)

Shak Shak

ShakShak Podcast

Caribbean Heritage: Barbados

Shak Shak is hosted by Akelia Joseph. The podcast is dedicated to the uncontrollable voices of ordinary women sharing their stories, thoughts and dreams. (Show added to Society & Culture category.)

Teach The Geek

Teach the geek

Caribbean Heritage: Grenada; Trinidad & Tobago

Teach The Geek is hosted by Neil Thompson who focuses on public speaking for STEM professionals. (Show added to Self-Improvement category.)

Yahd Life


Caribbean Heritage: Jamaica

YahdLife is hosted by Andrew Stewart. He interviews people who are seeped in reggae, dancehall and sound system culture – to share their influences and their experiences. (Show added to Music Interviews.)

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