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About the Host – Aria Collins

Aria Collins was born and raised in Grenada before moving to New York City when she was a teenager. When Aria is not working on her podcast, she works full time as an Executive Assistant at a global media and entertainment company.

About the Show

Launched in February 2019, Colored Lens is a self development and empowerment podcast for marginalized communities that also amplifies diverse voices in the media and entertainment industry.

Why did you choose this name? What’s the significance?

Honestly, it took me months to decide on the name but I finally chose it because it matched with the purpose of my podcast.

‘To take a look at life through a colored lens’ means when you look at life through different perspectives through your glasses lens or camera lens you may tend to see things differently.

What is the show about?

Colored Lens is a podcast and lifestyle platform created to share and amplify diverse stories. I wanted to create a space for people of color to find a platform they can resonate with, because growing up these platforms didn’t exist. Colored Lens focuses on the media and entertainment industry which includes but is not limited to television, movies, social media, and pop culture. We tend to focus on relevant trending news content.

Colored Lens also has a mini series “What’s It Like?” that reveals the host’s experience as an Afro-Caribbean woman starting her career in the media and entertainment industry while sharing her advice, tips, and tricks.

Why did you decide to get started in podcasting?

I decided to get into podcasting after my first full time corporate job when I felt like “I’ve made it”. However, as time went on I realized not enough people looked like me. I wanted a platform to share my knowledge and voice of what I know about the entertainment/media industry while having a platform that encourages self growth and development to follow your dreams and pursue your career.


What has been the reception since you’ve launched the show?

It’s been great. I’ve received great feedback so far!

Now that you’ve launched your show, what are you hoping to accomplish?

I just want to continue growing and bringing guests to the platform to share their stories.

Who is your dream guest for the podcast?

 I actually don’t have a dream guest per se but if I had to choose it would be Issa Rae. I love her success story and I’m so proud of how far she has gotten.

Podcast Experience

What’s one tip you learned before you started podcasting that was really helpful?

There’s no such thing as a perfect time. If you keep waiting to get it right, you’ll wait forever. Just start your podcast!

What’s one thing you wish you knew before starting your podcast? Or one resource you wish you had before launching?

Okay even though I said you should just start, you definitely have to do your research. I wish I knew [earlier] about batching episodes (recording multiple episodes in one period of time) instead of trying to produce it biweekly, monthly. When you’re a solo podcaster it’s important to batch your episodes to maximize your time and content.

What’s one thing you’ve learned about yourself or your audience since you started?

I’ve learned that my audience appreciates authentic stories. They appreciate when I point out the good, the bad, and the ugly. I’ve also learned how much self development and self care is important to me way more than chasing a specific career path or goal. I’ve learned to find happiness outside of a career goal!

Describe your experience podcasting. What resources are available? What could enhance the podcasting experience?

My experience podcasting has been a journey not going to lie. I’ve had to figure out mic quality and a set up that would suit my NYC apartment. I didn’t have the luxury of having a permanent podcast set up / studio so I’ve had to learn how to create temporary spaces.

What’s the first podcast you ever listened to?

The very first podcast I listened to was “Pretty Big Deal with Ashley Graham” she had an episode that featured Gabrielle Union.

Other than your show, what are some of your favorite podcasts?

My favorite podcasts are Small Doses with Amanda Seales, Millennial, Code Switch, Wake Up and Show Up by Portia Scott,  Dead Ass with Khadeen and Devale Ellis. My favorite Caribbean podcast is And Iz Dat

What do you enjoy most about podcasting?

I enjoy being able to use my voice to share a story that allows people to learn something new or open their mind to a different perspective.

What do you enjoy least about podcasting?

Honestly the editing (haha).

What Advice would you give to other Aspiring Podcasters?

I would tell other aspiring podcasters to go for it but do your research! There’s a lot of free resources available. I went to PodFest for free and it changed my podcast forever. Also find support and community groups on Facebook and connect with other podcasters.

Fun Questions

What is the one thing from Caribbean Culture that you cannot do without?

I can’t do without Curry. Curry Chicken, Curry  Goat, Curry Duck. I would say Carnival but COVID showed us that I have no choice to survive without.

Share a Fun Fact about Yourself

My favorite word has always been ambitious hence my instagram handle (arii_ambitious). It became my favorite word the moment I realized that the United States was a place of opportunities if you worked hard enough for it. Ever since, I’ve been determined to succeed. 


Where do you see yourself in the next 3 months?

In 3 months? Well I hope to have season 2 locked and loaded!

Where can the listeners find you? Website, contact info, social media etc.


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