June 2021 – New to the Caribbean Podcast Directory

Caribbean Podcast Directory June Updates

Every month the Caribbean Podcast Directory is updated and this article highlights all the recent additions. Here are the newest additions:

Big Ooman Ting

Caribbean Heritage: Jamaica

Monique & Renee’s girl talk touches on topics such as friendship, family, vulnerability, love and loss. These childhood friends, reflect on their teenage perceptions and discuss what they now understand in womanhood. (Show added to Society & Culture category.)

Career View Mirror

Caribbean Heritage: Jamaica

Career View Mirror®️ is a show that interviews individuals in various careers to educate, motivate and inspire others to take action in their careers no matter where you are in your path.. (Show added to Careers category.)

Strict Facts: A Guide to Caribbean History & Culture

Caribbean Heritage: Jamaica

Strictly Facts is a podcast and educational platform that aims to educate and celebrate Caribbean history and make connections between historical events, art and music. (Show added to Education category.)


Caribbean Heritage: Haiti

Hosted by Audrey Augustave, Haitian American and Licensed Clinician, Un-Loc’d explores mental health and identity related topics through the Caribbean lens. (Show added to Mental Health category.)

Whispering Huntys

Caribbean Heritage: Barbados

Whispering Huntys is a global queer culture, drag, and Drag Race podcast. The hosts talk about the TV show, but are also working to provide a space to celebrate and learn about local drag scenes, queer artists and creatives, designers, queer communities around the world (Show added to Comedy category.)

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