Big Ooman Ting

Every woman knows how good it feels to ‘hol’ a  reason’ with a bestie and how comforting it can be when that friend has gone through similar experiences. Big Ooman Ting is a podcast where Jamaican high school friends, who drifted apart in their 20’s, reconnect in their thirties and find refuge in each other’s company in this new chapter of their lives. The now long-distance friends, reflect on their teenage perceptions and discuss what they now understand in womanhood. Their girl talk touches on topics such as friendship, family, vulnerability, love and loss. This podcast includes a series of phone conversations between Renee and Monique, where they reach out to each other to obtain clarity, vent or just talk about the everyday happenings in their lives.

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Renee and Monique

Podcast Category:Society & Culture
Podcast Status:Inactive
Caribbean Heritage:Jamaica
Podcast Location:Jamaica, Canada, Caribbean

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Big Ooman Ting

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