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Un-Loc’d is a podcast hosted by Audrey Augustave, Haitian American and Licensed Clinician, to explore mental health and identity related topics through the Caribbean lens. In this conversation-style podcast, Audrey draws on her worldly knowledge  to sit with a guest bi-weekly and discuss a culturally taboo topics using her probing counseling skills. This podcast is intentional in its desires to break barriers regarding mental health issues in Caribbean Communities. It features all variants of Caribbean identity including island living, immigrants, members of the diaspora, deportees, and refugees.  It also seeks to function as a space that normalizes bringing together members of English, French, Spanish, and Dutch speaking Caribbean nations to to bridge gaps where colonial divides prevail.

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Audrey Augustave

Podcast Category:Mental Health
Podcast Status:Between Seasons
Caribbean Heritage:Haiti
Podcast Location:New Jersey, United States

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