Broughtupsy is multi-podcast show website that focuses not only the surface level conversations but that dives deep in to the people behind the microphone to learn how they were brought up and what made them who they are today.  Hence the name Broughtupsy.

Started on the Island of New Providence in the Bahamas the podcast shows range from business, spirituality, conspiracy theories, art, sports all the way down to great conversations with average Bahamian and Caribbean people.

Etymology : Diminutive of Brought up aka having good manners. Broughtupsy is the home base of Bahamian Podcasts. Listen to exciting and informative podcast discussions of ordinary Bahamians and people of the Caribbean doing extraordinary things in their field of choice all, based on their broughtupsy.

More About This Podcast

Mics (1)

Podcast Host(s)

Rashad Penn

Podcast Category:Society & Culture
Podcast Status:Active
Caribbean Heritage:Bahamas
Podcast Location:Bahamas

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