Adulting or Whatever…

We is tired. We is broke. We is adulting orrrrrr whatever. This is a podcast where two gyals on our way to become real life adults (or something close to that) talk about the in and outs, the ups and downs, the twist the turns of this SHAM we call “adulting”. Topics ranging from making curls pop to poppin our pussies, doing taxes to scamming niggas. YOU KNOW it’s about to be a good ass time.

Join us every Friday as we chat our way through daily existential crises💪🏾💅🏾☕️

More About This Podcast

Mics (1)

Podcast Host(s)

Slim Jym & Ash

Podcast Status:Inactive
Caribbean Heritage:Bahamas
Podcast Location:Bahamas, Canada

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Adulting or Whatever…

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