Podcasting about Caribbean Sustainability.

Derval Barzey on podcasting to bring awareness to Caribbean Environmental Sustainability

What does climate change mean for the Caribbean? 

How does increasingly warmer temperatures, an alarming rise in sea level and more frequent category 5 hurricanes impact our sustainable development? 

Although we’re identified of one of the most vulnerable regions to climate change, the Caribbean reality is blatantly underrepresented in the global conversation.  So on Earth Day 2020 I launched The Climate Conscious Podcast. I initiated this journey to raise awareness of the human impact on the environment and our individual and collective responsibility to address the urgent climate crisis, from a Caribbean perspective!

I set out to expand the discussions from the high-level decision-makers to the man and woman in these Caribbean streets. Climate change impacts every fiber of our identity, our lives and livelihood, heritage, homes and communities. Sustainability should be everyone’s concern. 


So what does Sustainability look like for the Caribbean? 

We’re still writing the script. But if we’re all aware and engaged we have the capacity to craft solutions for the Caribbean context. Our sustainable future cannot be prescribed by external forces so we must take charge of it.

On each bi-weekly episode of the podcast I interview guests involved in various dimensions of sustainability relevant to the region. I have uncovered so many amazing individuals and organizations putting in work for Caribbean sustainability. From fashion to waste, energy to soil environmental sustainability and climate action must be embraced. On the podcast we engaged in non-technical discussions, exploring the problems and the solutions; outlining the value of harmonizing People, Planet and Profit. 

As I reflect on the theme for Earth Day 2021, Restore Our Earth, I am happy that the podcast has contributed to this goal in our part of the globe. As a people, we are resilient by nature, evidenced by the ability to endure the ravages of natural disasters like hurricanes Dorian, Maria, Irma, and currently the la Soufriere eruptions; by the way we rally, both at home and in the diaspora, to support each other in recovery.

What we lack in land mass, we compensate with creativity, courage, and of course, our inimitable island vibes. I feel energized to continue the work of elevating the Caribbean voice in the global climate action and sustainability space. 


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