April 2021 – New to the Caribbean Podcast Directory

Caribbean Podcast Directory April 2021 Updates

Every month the Caribbean Podcast Directory is updated and this article highlights all the recent additions. Here are the newest additions:

1 Drop Podcast

One Drop Podcast

Caribbean Heritage: Jamaica

Hosted by Lukey Flex, Tracy Loyal, Delinjah, 1Drop Podcast features discussions and stories of dancehall experiences. As well as interviews of Dancehall artist, musicians, Selecta’s/DJ’s and other personalities of the Industry. (Show added to Music category.)

Caribbean Property Investing

Caribbean Heritage: St. Lucia

Caribbean Property Investing is where you’ll learn from successful Caribbean property entrepreneurs about their successes, challenges and strategies to help you create wealth and achieve financial freedom through property investing. (Show added to Business category.)

Global Yaadie

Caribbean Heritage: Jamaica

Join Jamaican host, Dainalyn Swaby on her exploration of climate change, culture and sustainable development with people across the globe. Gear up for mind changing conversations on climate change, culture and sustainable living. (Show added to Society & Culture category.)

Let’s Talk About It

Caribbean Heritage: Haiti

Hosted by Vanessa, Let’s Talk About It is a show with an introvert talking about societal pressure, life, sex, relationships and how to deal with it all. (Show added to Leisure category.)

On and Off

Caribbean Heritage: Guyana

On and Off is a biweekly podcast that talks about living between. Having had to code-switch and turn aspects of our personalities “On and Off”. (Show added to Society & Culture category.)

Sound Off Queen

Caribbean Heritage: St. Lucia

Join Jenny, Courtney, and Jamie as they sound off and engage in impactful, inspiring, and fun conversations surrounding ALL things related to womanhood. (Show added to Society & Culture category.)

The Introvert Sisters

Caribbean Heritage: Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago

The Introvert Sisters podcast is hosted by sisters who their take on what it’s like to be two quiet girls in a noisy world. They discuss introversion, pop culture, racism, and just about everything else. (Show added to Leisure category.)

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