October 2019 – New to the Caribbean Podcast Directory

October 2019 Caribbean Podcast Directory Updates

Every month the Caribbean Podcast Directory is updated. And this article highlights all the recent additions and each show will have a “new” next to their names in the directory. Here are the newest additions:

Backstage with Bajan Brands

Back Stage with Bajan Brands with Dianne Squires

Caribbean Heritage: Barbados

Backstage with Bajan Brands features the brand builders behind favorite Bajan brands of host Dianne N Squires, a brand communications specialist from Barbados. (Show added to Business category.)

The Digital Jamaican Podcast

Digital Jamaica Podcast Cover Art with Kadia Francis

Caribbean Heritage: Jamaica

The Digital Jamaican Podcast features conversations with Jamaicans in the tech and digital space centered around the work they are doing, how they got started, and their best advice to others wanting to what they do. (Show added to Technology category.)

The Drive Phase Podcast

The Drive Phase podcast logo

Caribbean Heritage: Jamaica

The Drive Phase hosted by Dalton Myers is one of the first sports-related podcast in the Caribbean. This podcast will you give insight into sports in the region; as well as international issues and trends affecting or contributing to the Caribbean sporting Industry. Guests include athletes, coaches and sports administrators, as well as business leaders and athlete support personnel. According to Dalton, “each topic and guest will help to give you a better understanding of the various aspects of sports business in the Caribbean”. (Show added to Sports category.)

Erryting Kool

Erryting Kool podcast logo

Caribbean Heritage: Bahamas

Erryting Kool is a show where Millennials and Generations Z Bahamians discuss a wide range of topics from life, love and everyday happenings. (Show added to Society & Culture category.)

Get Cultured Podcast

Get Cultured Podcast Logo

Caribbean Heritage: Jamaica

Get Cultured explores Jamaican culture and the game-changers it’s produced and shares their stories with the next generation; empowering them with the knowledge they need to tap into their own potential. So that they too can unleash the limitless, spirited, gifted Jamaican that has always lived within. (Show added to Society & Culture category.)

Let’s Talk About It

Let's Talk About it Podcast written on the Trinidad Flag

Caribbean Heritage: Trinidad

Let’s Talk About It, hosted by G-Castagne, is an uncensored podcast from Trinidad and Tobago where they talk about any and everything. (Show added to Society & Culture category.)

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