Podcaster Spotlight: K. Nicole Bent

K Nicole Bent of Oh Hell No Podcast spotlight

About the Host

K. Nicole Bent is the New Jersey based, Jamaican American host of the Oh Hell No Podcast. In addition to being a podcast host she is an IT Project Manager and is the founder of beauty brand Hot Gyal Lashes.

Why did you decide to get started in podcasting?

I was searching for my purpose in life and decided that having candid conversations with people who are living in their purpose might help me find mine. 

About the Show

Oh Hell No Podcast was launched in October 2016. It is in the Society & Culture and new episodes are available weekly.

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Why did you choose this name? What’s the significance?

Life is a journey and along the way we have these ‘Oh Hell No Moments’ that propel us into our future.  We need to learn and grow from these moments. Which is why I ask all my guest to share an Oh Hell No Moment during my interviews.

What is the show about?

The Oh Hell No podcast is a podcast where everyday people who are leaving their mark on the world come to share their unique journey. I interview people who are living purpose driven lives which all started with a passion, and in some way they are providing a meaningful service to others. 

Why did you choose this topic & format?

This topic is what I am most passionate about, I need to know why I am here and where I am going and I truly believe that my guests are my guides in some way. They help me to connect the dots in so many areas of my life.  I invite guests but God chooses my interviews.

The Oh Hell No Podcast with K Nicole Bent sitting on a red bench with a cup in her hand

Podcast Experience

What’s one tip you learned before you started podcasting that was really helpful?

I knew nothing about podcasting before I started podcasting. The only tip I had was to be myself and do what felt right to me.   

What’s one thing you wish you knew before starting your podcast?

I wish I knew that there are a lot of people that will come on your show and then not promote the interview at all.  

What’s one thing you’ve learned about yourself or your audience since you started?

I learned that I make people feel very comfortable and safe and I respect and cherish that. 

What has inspired you the most to start a podcast?

My insatiable desire for knowledge, growth and purpose inspired me to start a podcast and listening to other podcasts exposed me to this medium.

What’s the first podcast you ever listened to?

I can’t say that I remember the very first podcast I ever listened to, but I will say that the first one that comes to mind that I faithfully listened to when I discovered podcasts was Angela Yee’s Lip Service.

Other than your show what are some of your favorite podcasts?

Small Doses with Amanda Seales, Drink Champs, Young Lion’s Dancehall Reggae Bashment, Friends Like Us, Carry On Friends, Style & Vibes, Blessed + Bossed Up

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What you enjoy most about podcasting?

I love meeting new people and learning from people who are living purpose driven lives.

What do enjoy least about podcasting?

I least enjoy the booking phase & the editing process.

Fun Questions

What is the 1 thing from Jamaican culture that you cannot do without?

Wray & Nephew White Rum.  We stockpile White Rum in my house.  It is good for colds, wards off duppy and bad vibes and it is a great ingredient to take any beverage and some meals to the next level.

Share a fun fact about you

I love helping women discover their inner hot gyal with a pair of lashes which is why I started my beauty brand


Where do you see yourself in the next 6 months to a year?

Alive and well and still enjoying this journey called life. 

Where can the listeners find you?

Website & Email: www.theohhellnopodcast.com | ohhellnopodcast@gmail.com

Social Media: Instagram: @theohhellnopodcast | Twitter: @oohhellno


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