The Introvert Sisters

The Introvert Sisters podcast is hosted by Sharon Hurley Hall and Lisa Hurley, two INFJs with a lot to say. We discuss introversion, pop culture, racism, and just about everything else. We also share our take on what it’s like to be two quiet girls in a noisy world.

Above all, we believe that: 

  • Introversion is a superpower
  • All Black lives matter
  • Sisterhood is everything
  • Black girls rock
  • You don’t have to be extroverted to live your best life
  • Using your authentic voice, and amplifying the voices of others, matters

Enjoy the podcast!

More About This Podcast

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Podcast Host(s)

Sharon Hurley Hall and Lisa Hurley

Podcast Category:Leisure
Podcast Status:Active
Caribbean Heritage:Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago
Podcast Location:Barbados, United States

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The Introvert Sisters

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