4 Health & Wellness Podcasts by Caribbean Podcasters

4 Health & Wellness Podcasts by Caribbean Podcasters on CAribbean Podcast Directory

With so many voices on health and wellness out there, it is important that people of Caribbean heritage to from those that not only understand our culture, but can also speak specifically to health and wellness issues from our unique, Caribbean perspective. Here are four podcasts to consider adding to your playlist.

Be Well, Sis: The Podcast

Be Well, Sis

Caribbean Heritage: Haiti

Be Well, Sis is a podcast dedicated to providing resources for Black millennial women to be their best selves physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Hosted by Dr. Cassandre Dunbar, the conversations are candid, informative, and unapologetically Black.

Where to Start:  In the episode “You Are Enough: Overcoming perfectionism and disappointments,” Dr. Dunbar talks with Kyla Denanyoh about overcoming career setbacks, and navigating self-doubt, disappointment and defeat.  

Millennial Health

Caribbean Heritage: Jamaica

Hosted by Dr. Jay-Sheree, Millennial Health focuses on the physical and mental health of fellow millennials. Through the podcast, Dr. Jay-Sheree hopes that millennials can lead healthier and more fulfilled lives. 

Where to Start: In the episode “Men Need To See The Doctor Too,” Dr. Jay-Sheree sits with Dr. Lionel McIntosh and discusses men’s healthcare needs and why it is important for men to visit the doctor. 



Caribbean Heritage: Trinidad & Tobago

The RxRounds Podcast provides listeners with health and wellness education for West Indians delivered by West Indians. From information on healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and public health concerns directly affecting the Caribbean community, the goal is to empower West Indians to take an active part in their health and wellness.

Where to Start: In episode 35, personal trainer and fitness expert Keeon Taylor joins Dr. Mitchell to provide listeners with tips on how to navigate health and fitness in a pandemic.


un locd podcast cover

Caribbean Heritage: Haiti

Un-loc’d is a mental health podcast hosted by Audrey Augustave, a Haitian American and Licensed Counselor. The podcast focuses on mental health and identity related topics through Caribbean lens.

Where to Start: In Episode 7, Audrey chats with Mario Sealy about the interesting impact of traveling on personal growth, friendships, and family life.

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