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About the Host – Dalton Myers

Dalton Myers is the host of The Drive Phase. He is from Kingston, Jamaica and currently lives there. In addition to being a podcast host he is a Sport Consultant, Columnist and Athlete Manager/Agent. He is currently the Corporate Planner for the Jamaica Olympic Association.

Why Did You Decide to Get Started in Podcasting?

I have always been heavily involved in various aspects of sport development and wanted to find another unique way to discuss the business of sports. I also found that this was a great medium through which we can communicate with an audience in a way that is different from traditional media.

About the Show

The Drive Phase was launched in April 2019. The show can be found in the Sports Category of Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Buzzsprout and Stitcher. New episodes are available bi-monthly and Olympic Series: Makyn Olympic moments was posted on July 20, 2020.

What is the Show About?

The Drive Phase is a Caribbean Sports Podcast. It gives great insight into sports in the region as well as international issues and trends affecting or contributing to the Caribbean sporting Industry. Each topic and guest helps to give a better understanding of the various aspects of the Business of Sports in the Caribbean.

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Why Did You Choose This Name? What’s the Significance?

The Drive Phase is a Track and Field term used to describe the first 30m of a sprint. It is considered one of the most important phase of a sprint race and gives the momentum needed for the other phases of the race.

Why Did You Choose This Topic(s) & Format?

The show is predominantly interview style with myself as the host. The aim is to get most of the information from the guests who are experienced in their field.

Now That You’ve Launched Your Show What Are You Hoping to Accomplish?

I want to increase the listenership, get a more diverse audience and start finding ways to monetize the Podcast.

Who Are the Members of the Team that aren’t on the show?

  • Rosheika Grant (Producer)
  • Marsha Boyce (Adviser/Media Consultant)
  • Roshell Masters (Research)
  • Heather Bernard (Administration)

Podcast Experience

What’s One Tip You Learned Before You Started Podcasting That Was Really Helpful?

Try to ensure you maintain good quality throughout.

What’s One Thing You Wish You Knew Before Starting your Podcast?

I am not sure, I guess I did not realize it was so much work. I find if I want to do well at podcasting I have to put in a lot of work.

What’s One Thing You’ve Learned Since You Started?

I think one thing that stands out is that there are a lot of very knowledgeable and hardworking women in sports who are working hard both in managerial positions as well as just contributing in the various areas of sport. I was always aware of their work on the surface but now I get a chance to interact with them on a different level. It shows that while sport is still predominantly dominated by males, women continue to make meaningful strides in the industry.

Describe your experience podcasting in Jamaica.

I think Podcasting is interesting in Jamaica. It is still in the infancy stage and so at times I have to find unique ways to reach more listeners and engage the audience. It is still difficult to get equipment locally to ensure quality in terms of production. Overall though I think because we are in a global space, I have managed to overcome most of these by just being creative and use the resources available online or in local studios to do my recordings.

What Has Inspired you The Most to Start a Podcast?

I think it is because I started listening podcasts, it inspired me to start one of my own.

What’s the First Podcast you Ever Listened to?

Honestly, I cannot remember because I listened so many in the early stages of trying to figure out some good ones.

Other Than Your Show What Are Some of Your Favorite Podcasts?

What Do you Enjoy Most About Podcasting?

The discussions with the guests can be quite fascinating. I think I enjoyed that the most.

What Do you Enjoy Least About Podcasting?

Listening to my voice ☺

What advice would you give to other aspiring podcasters in the region or generally?

If this is something you want to do then be prepared to put in some work if you want to maintain good quality. Also, be clear on why you want to do it and set targets. In the Caribbean, it is harder to monetize podcasts but if that is why you want to do it then be creative in how you approach prospective clients.

Fun Questions

Who is Your Dream Guest For the Podcast?

Shelly-Ann Fraser Pryce

What is the One Thing From Jamaican culture That you Cannot Do Without?

The food ☺

Share a Fun Fact About Yourself or the Team:

We support opposing teams in the English Premier League.


Where do You See Yourself in the Next Six Months to a Year?

Increasing my audience by at least 50% and monetizing the Podcast.

Where can the listeners find you?


Website: thedrivephase.com

Instagram: thedrivephase

Twitter: @thedrivephaseja

Facebook: The Drive Phase Podcast

Email: thedrivephase@gmail.com


LinkedIn: Dalton Myers

Instagram: daltonsmyers

Twitter: daltonsmyers

Facebook: Dalton Myers


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