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KORE’M Podcast is a platform that aims to empower, educate, motivate and inspire young Haitian millennials all throughout the world to press towards their version of success. This podcast acknowledges the disparities and disproportionate amount of knowledge, life-changing information and useful resources that are not being shared in creole to advance the Haitian community. Given this reality, KORE’M Podcast is committed to being a catalyst and podium for equipped and knowledgeable individuals in the community to share their journey, hacks to thriving and greatest lessons learned in creole.

KORE’M Podcast core commitments are personal development, career, business and investing. This platform creates a space where successors can spark conversation/dialogue others can connect with and transform their views on themselves; this would in turn create a renewed way of thinking and ignite a passion in those that seemingly lost sight of their greatness. Here in the U.S., we’re bombarded with useful information in English; but it is rare to find outlets that provide the very same kind information in Haitian-Creole. Having a podcast in creole definitely set KORE’M Podcast apart in terms of the information provided.


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Luther Estyl, Jude Celiscar

Podcast Category:Self-Improvement, Education
Podcast Status:Between Seasons
Caribbean Heritage:Haiti

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KOREM Podcast

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