One Big Update: March to May – New to the Caribbean Podcast Directory

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Typically every month the Caribbean Podcast Directory is updated but, a pandemic happened, family health emergencies and with that came home school, reprioritization and pivots. So before you know it the directory has been updated since February.

CPD started the year off great, with lots of sign ups to the directory and a collaboration with Blk Pod Collective that led to a joint meet up at PodFest in Florida. It was great meeting members of the Blk Pod Collective and meeting fellow #CaribbeanPodcasters in person.

A New Look

Despite the world activities and quarantine life, I’ve taken the time to make some updates to the site. Since the last update in February, 26 podcasts have been added to the directory!! In addition to these new podcasts the directory has a few cool functionalities. 

  1. Each podcast now has an individual page in the directory. It includes information like the summary, where you can listen to the podcast, social media links and more. 
  2. You can now search the directory! Yes, search bars are now available from the directory page. 
  3. You can also now filter shows by: Category, Caribbean Heritage, status or location

New Submission Requirements

The submission requirements have also been updated. Prior to June 2020, shows had to have at least one (1) new episode for the last six (6) months. Under the new submission guidelines a show must have at least 2 episodes for the past 3 months. Only shows that are clearly produced in seasons are considered for an exception. Read the complete updated Directory Submission Requirements.

New Submission Methods

Another major update is how you submit your show to the directory. Prior to this update, podcasts were submitted via an embedded form. Submission are now done directly through the website, which requires you to create an account. Similarly, to make updates to your podcast, whether it’s image, location etc. this must be done via the website as well.

Please note that whether it’s a new submission or updates to an existing podcast in the directory – it is marked pending and you will not see it in your account until it has been reviewed and approved. You will be notified once the additions/changes has been reviewed and approved. 

What’s Next

The updates to the functionality directory is an important part of CPD’s mission to build awareness, visibility and help audiences discover podcasts. I’m looking forward to building community and providing more resources to podcasters.

Submit Your Show

Got a Caribbean Podcast not yet in the directory? Glad you’re creating content! Read the submission details and then go ahead and submit your podcast.


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