June 2020 – New to the Caribbean Podcast Directory

Caribbean Podcast Directory June Updates

Every month the Caribbean Podcast Directory is updated and this article highlights all the recent additions. Here are the newest additions:

Fish Tea

Caribbean Heritage: Jamaica

Fish Tea Podcast is where 3 Jamaican Queens – Cornel, Glenroy & Kareem talk about the LGBTQ+ politics, pop culture, growing up in the Caribbean and living their best lives. (Show added to Society & Culture category.)

Forever Forward

Caribbean Heritage: Trinidad & Tobago

Forward Podcast hosted by Natasha Wong discusses the trials and triumphs we face in life. Whether relationship, parenting, friendship or social unrest, Forward discusses it all. (Show added to Self-Imprvement category.)

Like a Real Book Club

Caribbean Heritage: Jamaica

Like a Real Book Club is presented by Rebel Lit Women. The 3 hosts – Jherane Patmore, Kristina Neil and Ashley Dalley talk about books and just about everything else… just like a real book club (Show added to Books category.)

Music Matters: The Caribbean Edition

Caribbean Heritage: Trinidad & Tobago

Music Matters: The Caribbean Edition is hosted by Laura Dowrich-Phillips and Nigel A. Campbell. The podcast features news, interviews music business conversations and analysis of all the music from the islands. (Show added to Music category.)

Two Young for an Old Talk

Caribbean Heritage: Barbados

Two Young for An Old Talk hosted by Abriana and Neil features conversations ranging from culture, life back in Barbados to their exciting experiences living in Canada. (Show added to Society & Culture category.)

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