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WE-Speak Caribbean: Giving a Voice to Women in Business. As a female entrepreneur, you’re sure to have a story or two of your experiences doing business in the Caribbean. We know that there are several obstacles that Caribbean women in business face and that’s why we created the WE-Speak podcast series; a product of Caribbean Export Development Agency’s Women Empowered through Export (WE-Xport) programme. WE-Speak shares the experiences of Caribbean business women and provide expert insight on how to maneuver through some of the challenging situations that you encounter. Join us every week as we meet phenomenal business women from across the Caribbean and further, together with experts in their fields as they share their lessons learned and offer advice on a range of topics including, scaling up your business, branding, finance and much more. WE-Speak Caribbean is hosted by Melissa Powell.

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Melissa Powell

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WE Speak Caribbean Podcast

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