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Spot On: Spotted Not Broken

Spot On: Spotted not Broken is about Vivia and her own struggles with her body. In addition to her perception of her body image. She is exploring, sharing how she feels about the spots caused by illness specifically cancer, and how it spotted her physically, mentally and spiritually. She realizes that there are others who look at themselves the same way but also have different spots they don’t like to speak about because they go unseen by the natural eye. For example, mental illness- depression, gender, racism, classicism and the things that we as a society don’t want to talk about. This also includes poor body image, the lack of confidence-especially for those who are professionals, etc. So in a nutshell, Spot On is for everyone. Join the prowl.

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Vivia Collins

Podcast Category:Self-Improvement, Education
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Caribbean Heritage:Jamaica

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Spot On: Spotted Not Broken

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