The Sooo…Podcast is a self-help, self-improvement, self-care show hosted by Elle, Em, Mel-J & Kenzie, four dynamic hosts with diverse experiences, different opinions & unique points-of-view ranging from the righteous to the ratchet.

Women of colour have always had something to say & now the world is ready to listen! You will laugh, be challenged to look at why you think what you do & at times you may disagree but our goal is that you will always leave having learned something new.

Sooo…each week, Gen-xers; Elle, Mel-J, Em and Kenzie discuss topics, share stories and antidotes with a dose of righteousness and a side of ratchetness.

Funny and engaging these Canadian-Caribbean women are from the side of the black diaspora not often heard from but have vital, refreshing and important perspectives to add to the conversation. Learn from their honest takes on relationships, sex, life, work, mental health, well-being and parenting while they unpack old principles, learn from their mistakes and move forward with fresh viewpoints for a better and more fulfilled life!

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Podcast Category:Self-Improvement, Education
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Caribbean Heritage:Jamaica
Podcast Location:Canada

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