Growing Up Krenglish

Growing Up Krenglish

Growing Up Krenglish is the podcast that you always needed in your life! Hosted by two proud Haitian sisters, Christelle and Delores LeGrand.Join these two sisters as they have raw and honest discussions about Caribbean culture, sisterhood, current events, and all the moments that happen in our Millennial lives.What is ”krenglish” ?

krēn•glish is a fusion of the Caribbean and American culture, language and heritage.Why should you tune into to the Growing up Krenglish Podcast?We wanted to create a podcast that discuss a variety of topics from the 1st generation Haitian-American lens.

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Christelle Legrand & Delores Legrand

Podcast Category:Society & Culture
Podcast Status:Inactive
Caribbean Heritage:Haiti
Podcast Location:United States

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Growing Up Krenglish

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