Garifuna Sistas Talk Spirituality

Co-hosts (and sisters) Feroza and Kyleigh Simone break down Garifuna spirituality with featured guests—elders, leaders and Garifuna spirituality practitioners. This is for folk who grew up outside of a Garifuna community, for folk living in Garifuna communities but still have questions about their spirituality, for folk searching for answers and trying to understand themselves as a modern day Garifuna, and for folk who simply want to hear about the spiritual experiences of other Garinagu. Join them on their journey to deeper knowledge.

More About This Podcast

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Podcast Host(s)

Kyleigh Simone Cayetano, Feroza Cayetano

Podcast Category:Society & Culture
Podcast Status:Active
Caribbean Heritage:Belize
Podcast Location:Europe, Jamaica

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Garifuna Sistas Talk Spirituality

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